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Wee Wansa

About Wee Wansa:

Age: 20
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5 Foot 2 Inch
Breasts: 34
Waist: 26
Hips: 35
Fav. Position: On Top
Fav. Flower: Lily
Fav. Color: Green

Also Known As: Vebeke Leung - Balle Kanchana 0 Verona Wee - Sai Eew
Updates Featuring Wee Wansa

Wee Wansa Poses on Red Sofa
Video Length: 9 minutes of video      -     Added 09/19/2007

Discover the sexy Wee Wansa as she lies on the sofa wearing sexy lingerie. This hot babe has all the tools to make you horny. She sits on red sofa and has her tits exposed. Her sexy nipples are exposed and they are extremely hard. She rubs on her tits and circles her nipples with her fingers. Then, she gets on all fours and spreads her legs wide. She has on white panties and she turns her around and looks at the camera.

Categories: Hairy, Behind The Screen, Thai

Dive into Wee's Photo Session Gallery
90 photos     -     Added 05/27/2007

If you want to see sexy babe stripping down, then you should definitely check out this amazing photo session of lovely Wee Wansa. She is looking so hot in her cute top and she looks like a present that you just want to unwrap with your teeth. Wee commences taking it all down and just spreading her legs, while displaying her hairy muffin. You will definitely enjoy watching hot Wee as she shows you her goodies.

Categories: Hairy, Thai

Wee Wansa Shows Off Hot Tits
Video Length: 9 minutes of video      -     Added 04/11/2007

Wee Wansa has on a red sweater to match her red lipstick. She pulls open her sweater to reveal her amazing tits. This hot babe is so gorgeous that you will find your hands rubbing your body after checking her out. She sits in front of a window and pulls off the sweater. This babe has an amazing body that is extremely easy on the eyes. She lies back and begins rubbing on her hairy pussy.

Categories: Hairy, Behind The Screen, Thai

Wee Wansa Lies on Bed and Fucks Herself
Video Length: 9 minutes of video      -     Added 10/11/2006

Don't miss out on the action as the gorgeous Wee Wansa lies on a bed and raises up her leg. She spreads her legs wide and begins to rub on her pussy. Her top exposes her amazing tits that have extremely hard nipples. She squeezes her tits together moaning from the sensation. Then, she puts her knees to her chest and exposes her gorgeous pussy. Next, she inserts her fingers inside of her pussy and begins masturbating.

Categories: Hairy, Behind The Screen, Thai

Wee's Stripping Performance for Neighbors
90 photos     -     Added 05/28/2006

Wee Wansa has a little ritual that she likes doing every weekend. She dressed up puts her make up on and stands next to the window. The reason for that is because she is giving her neighbors a little something that will please their cocks. She commences taking her clothes down and just enjoying in their looks. She goes down on the floor as she caresses her tits and her pussy. You would love to be that lucky neighbor.

Categories: Hairy, Thai

View Wee Stripping Down
90 photos     -     Added 01/25/2004

Wee Wansa is looking cuter than ever. She has a yellow top on that reveals her big tits. She is one of those girls that like to be naked at home all the time, so she starts stripping her clothes and showing off her perfectly shaped body. Naughty Wee cuddles her nipples and just makes them so hard that she feels even hornier than before. Wee starts spreading her pussy and just showing off her asshole and pink muffin.

Categories: Hairy, Thai